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domingo, 2 de junio de 2013
   In less than a week after release, X-Men # 1 has become the BEST SELLING DIGITAL COMICS in the Marvel website, is a very good host for this title and I hope that it's just the beginning of a very successful series.

En menos de una semana después de su lanzamiento, X-Men #1 ha sido el cómic digital mejor vendido en la página web de Marvel, es una buena acogida para este título y espero que sea el principio de una exitosa serie.


MAY 29, 2013 Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel bring X-Men to Marvel NOW! with a tense conflict, a mysterious villain, and all the cleavage you can gawk at! Just kidding -- there is an all-female cast, but this isn’t Ame-Comi Girls by a longshot. No, this is a dense and entertaining X-book where the gender of the cast means little when it comes to Rogue saving the day with her super strength or Psylocke being the scariest psychic this side of the Marvel universe.

Brian Wood starts X-Men off right by delivering an uncannily straightforward villain that brings together all of the leading X-ladies. Olivier Coipel makes a splash with his immaculate pencils that play to the nuances of the story instead of mindless cheesecake. This is a great first issue that should definitely be checked out.

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