... X-Men Red #11 ...

domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2018

... X-Men Gold #36 ... The End

domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2018
Marvel Comics Cancels X-Men Blue & X-Men Gold
by Stephen Gerding

Marvel Comics' solicitations for September 2018 reveals that the publisher is bringing two of its main X-Men titles to a close. Both X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold are coming to a conclusion.

Both series launched in early 2017, with titles that were designed to play on the X-Men's history, specifically the '90s Jim Lee-fueled era where the team was spilt into two strike forces, one Blue, one Gold.

X-Men Gold has spent much of its time exploring a number of classic X-Men plots from Chris Claremont's era, as well as the recently pending nuptials between Kitty Pryde and Colossus, while Blue has focused mainly on the time-displaced team of original teenage X-Men. Earlier today, Marvel spoiled the end of Gold's wedding issue, which is leading to the launch of an all-new series Mr. and Mrs. X. Meanwhile, X-Men Blue has been building toward a resolution for the young mutants' time-travel storyline, one which will be explored further in the upcoming Extermination event miniseries.

X-Men Red, which features the recently resurrected Jean Grey in a leadership role, will continue.

Pere Perez (A)
Cover by Phil Noto


A special look into a day in the life of the headmistress of the Xavier Institute…

... X-Men: Red #8 ...

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2018
Cassandra Nova Recruits a Major X-Man to Fight Their Friends

The latest issue of X-Men: Red #8 saw an epic confrontation between Jean Grey’s new X-Men team and the twisted villainy of Cassandra Nova. The demented twin sister of Charles Xavier has been spreading bigotry and hatred across the globe in a campaign targeting mutants, using Sentinel nanobots to accomplish her scheme. And as we see at the end of this issue, she has more weapons in her arsenal just in case things go wrong.

Ever since X-men: Red began, Nova has been working behind the scenes to destroy the lives of mutants everywhere. It started with the assassination of an ambassador at the UN, something that was initially blamed on Jean Grey. This tarnishing of the X-Men leader’s reputation was only the start of their problems, as soon it was revealed that not only was Nova behind the murder, she's been developing millions of Sentinel nanobots she was now ready to unleash upon the world.

These Sentinites are specifically designed to infect the brains of their victims, manipulating emotions into inciting more hatred and violence against mutants. Nova had been using her considerable telepathic powers to coerce Forge -- the mutant and former X-Man whose superpower is an affinity for machines -- into building a Sentinite swarm large enough to infect the brains of everyone on the planet. After initially choosing her victims from the highest ranks of power, her plans to turn the world against the X-men was almost complete.

Operating from their new headquarters in Atlantis, Jean Grey and her X-Men devised a plan to defeat Nova’s Sentinites. Using their undersea version of Cerebro -- ingeniously named Searebro -- the mutant technopath Trinary would channel her powers through the machine and reach out to every one of the millions of nanobots now spreading across the globe. Due to the overwhelming strain this would put on her brain, she uses Honey Badger -- the young clone of Laura Kinney with a mutant healing factor -- as a buffer between her and Searebro’s full strength.

Trinary had spent her life absorbing decades of internet hate, and in a final cathartic push, unleashed all of this negative energy upon the Sentinite swarm, not only deactivating but destroying every last evil nanobot. While no one was under the impression that Cassandra Nova would stay down for long, the devious X-Men villain didn’t miss a beat in unveiling her plan B: taking over the mind of Rachel Grey and sending her after the X-Men.

... Extermination #3 ...

jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2018
Extermination #3 
Nonstop suspense and gorgeous visuals make this an X-Men event you’re hooked to from beginning to end. By Chris Hassanon

You know, a comic named Extermination, designed to do away with my beloved original X-Men, shouldn’t be so much fun to read. And yet, I couldn’t help but finish Extermination #3 thinking about what a great time I had reading it! For me, the surprises didn’t end there, which is a credit to writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz for crafting a comic more than worth its price tag.

While Extermination has been pretty action-packed from the get-go, its third installment, especially, goes heavy on the fight scenes. No complaints here, because Larraz is back penciling the hell out of it all. I said it in my review of Extermination #1, I said it in my review of Extermination #2 and you better believe I’m going to say it again–this artist is a star! There’s just so much to love about the visuals, which are only elevated by colorist Marte Gracia. The details on Old Hound Logan’s set of bone claws (yes, Ed Brisson, I give you permission to use Old Hound Logan) to breathtaking battles on land, sea and air, every single page in this comic is a feast for the eyes.

Extermination may also be the first time I’ve ever thought Ahab looked cool.

Speaking of Ahab, he’s pretty much the driving force behind this issue’s action. The mad mutant from the future wants those original five X-Men, and he’s got a few secret Hounds to lend a hand. How he got the upper hand on Marvel’s mutants is pretty inventive and it helps solidify Ahab as a force to be reckoned with so long as Brisson’s writing him.

Kid Cable, the mini-series’ other antagonist, continues to be a real a-----e… and a lot of fun to follow. Just wait until you see what he needed Mimic for. Teenage Nate Summers is going to some pretty extreme lengths to #SetItRight and, though pretty twisted, it’s also crazy fun to watch.

But without a doubt, the most fun in this issue comes from the team-up between the original X-Force and teenage Jean Grey (no wonder it landed on the cover!). I’ll be honest, I read a lot of the classic X-Force series when I was younger, and pretty much just read it because it had an “X” on the cover. I don’t remember much about the stories and, as a result, I’ve never cared much about that iteration of the team. However, after reading Brisson’s take on Domino, Warpath, Shatterstar, Cannonball and Boom-Boom, I’d be lying if I wasn’t a lot more interested in reading Marvel’s upcoming relaunch spinning out of this title.

This crew is full of badasses, but they may have met their match in teen Jean. Clearly, they haven’t been following her modern adventures the past few years. This issue’s final page has me very excited to see what happens next.

Three issues in, Extermination has far exceeded my expectations for a mini-series that could have been nothing more than an uninspired, by-the-numbers clearing of the board ahead of November’s Uncanny X-Men #1. Every issue features surprises that guarantee this event will keep me guessing until its very last page.

... Jean Grey's Newest Enemy ...

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2018
Jean Grey's Newest Enemy Is Also Her Most Powerful - And Personal by Renaldo Matadeen –  in CBR Exclusives

X-Men Red has been pivotal in detailing Jean Grey's adjustment to being alive once again following her return in the Phoenix Resurrection miniseries. Her main task as the new mutant messiah is to safeguard her species while achieving peace with mankind; a dream identical to that of her former mentor, Charles Xavier.

However, she meets resistance (as expected) in the form of another powerful psychic, Cassandra Nova -- who happens to be Professor Xavier's evil twin sister. Cassandra's intent is to commit mutant genocide and thus ruin her brother's legacy, with the added goal of making sure Jean feels responsible for the extinction of her people along the way.

As Cassandra gathers her arsenal, X-Men Red Annual #1 reveals she's lined up an extremely powerful rival to be Jean's enemy in the form of the X-Men leader's daughter from an alternate timeline, Rachel Grey.

... X-Men: Gold #35 ...

sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2018
X-Men: Gold #35

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Penciler: Giovanni Valleta, Simone Buonfantino
Cover Artist:Phil Noto

The X-Men versus the undead! Goddess versus god! Storm’s final battle?

... Extermination #2 ...

sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2018
An X-Men Reunion in EXTERMINATION #2
By Aaron Berkowitz

EXTERMINATION #2 backs away from the, admittedly successful, shock tactics in the first issue. Brisson slows it down just a bit in order to let the entire X-family, including former members of X-Force, know about the shocking events of last issue. Ed Brisson continues making this series feel, in spirit, like the many X-events of the ‘80s and ‘90s. It feels like a return to form for the X-Men, and I still greatly enjoy it. This issue fleshes out the internal conflict between young Scott Summers and the X-Men, as well as the ruthlessness of the younger version of Cable. Artist Pepe Larraz and, especially, colorist Marte Gracia add in moments that look downright beautiful.

Cable Gets Desperate
In the last issue, Ahab, a time-traveling mutant hunter from an alternate future, killed Bloodstorm and attempted to kill young Cyclops. Shortly after, a younger version of Cable killed his older counterpart and kidnapped the younger Iceman. EXTERMINATION #2 deals with the fallout of these events. Scott feels utterly hopeless after Bloodstorm’s death and questions if the Original Five ever really accomplished anything in their long trip to the future.

Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde calls a meeting of all currently living X-Men in order to discuss the many-sided threats they’re facing. Rachel Grey lets them know that Ahab means business and that the X-Men must stop him before he kills the Original Five. Kitty suggests that each member of the five splits up with a team of X-Men. They’ll take each member to a safe house until the danger subsides.

Scott, angered that he won’t be able to fight his own battle, storms off. Outside the mansion, Cable ambushes the younger versions of Cyclops, Beast, and Angel. He manages to tranquilize both Warren and Hank, but Hank pulls his tranq out before the full dosage could inject. Jean fights Cable off, and he takes Warren with him. Older Hank surmises that Cable wasn’t being bold by fighting the X-Men on their home turf; he was desperate. Is this the only danger the X-Men will face this issue? Read EXTERMINATION #2 and find out!