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miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012
   X-MEN LEGACY#260.

STORY BY Christos Gage
ART BY David Baldeon, Jordan Tarragona
COLORS BY Sonia Oback
COVER BY Mark Brooks
PUBLISHER Marvel Comics

Fans of Mike Carey and his long run on “X-Men Legacy,” as well as fans of Rogue, likely have a close eye on this title as it shifts to a new creative team in the form of Christos Gage and David Baldeon.
“X-Men Legacy” #260.1 finds the Legacy team (Rogue, Gambit, Frenzy and Rachel Grey seem to be the primary team) playing a game of ‘powers football’ with a handful of students as an educational exercise. In the process, a portal to a demon dimension is opened on school grounds, and the team spends the rest of the issue trying to shut down the threat while keeping the kids blissfully unaware of the battle outside their windows. The latter seems highly dubious.
It’s easy to see why Gage is setting the book up like this. It's to tie Rogue’s team to the school and also show them as a separate and more “grown up” book than the way “Wolverine and The X-Men” feels. Unfortunately, it’s pretty clunky. Gage is a writer whose work I have enjoyed quite a bit of late, especially his very good work on Dark Horse’s “Angel & Faith”, but it feels like he’s trying to hard in this issue. In general he has a good ear for the dialogue, and he creates some very funny moments, which are much appreciated. But everything feels slightly forced. You can see that Gambit and Frenzy are going to make out on the last page from the very first panels, so it takes all the surprise out of that reveal. Rogue feels like that teacher that you hate because she’s constantly trying to be your best friend that really “knows what it’s like to be you” and as a result has all the subtlety and charm of a Mack truck.


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